Idea, Inspiration, and Design

I imagined this logo into reality from tropes/symbols surrounding undocumented immigrants, knowing that I wanted to create a logo for an immigration law firm. I knew that I wanted the monarch butterfly, a symbol for migration, to be the center of the logo. To do this I found a clip art image of a monarch butterfly and traced it with the pen tool, much like we did with for the cougar logo in the tutorial. I did this in several layers so that I could edit them individually later on. I then went through with the direct selection tool to turn most of the anchor points round to make the butterfly more fluid and curved.  I then took into account how immigration is worldwide and essential, much like the sun is, so I created a sun and globe using the ellipse too. I put the sun with a dashed stroke for rays behind the butterfly and the Earth in front and lower than the monarch so that it seemed to be overlooking it. With the pen tool and direct selection tool again I created some continents to make it more Earth-like. Leaving the Earth whole made the logo stretch too far vertically so I added two anchors and used the scissor tool to cut the Earth, leaving one fourth of it. I left the Earth and sun solid colors to bring more attention to the gradient butterfly.

Feedback & Logo Revision

Overall, I was not very happy about my logo, especially after viewing the logos of some of my peers. It was very generic; as one of my group members commented, it looked more like a poster for a kindergarten classroom rather than a logo. Ultimately I decided to completely restart my logo. I began with the same buttefly as my original logo, making the gradient a bit more pronounced in this version. A common piece of feedback I received, including from my TA, was that since there was not text included in the logo it was difficult to know what it was about/for. When I recreated my logo I made sure to include text. I created a name for the law firm (my last name) and came up with a slogan. Since originally I had the concept of immigration being an important part of the world, I came up with the slogan “Because Immigration Unifies the World” and decided to make this the theme of the logo. I accomplished this by creating another Earth, this time leaving it a circle and making a few continents in the same fashion as before, using gradients to generate depth. I then placed the butterfly at the center of this planet, touching each continent to unify them in a sense. Then, at the suggestion of my TA I used the ‘type along a path’ tool to make the slogan follow the curve of the Earth. I used a simple line to separate the name of the law firm and the firm title and created a rectangle around the logo to unify it. Another piece of advice from my TA was to find a way to incorporate the ‘law’ portion. I did this by creating a continent in the shape of the gavel, putting the finishing touch on my logo.

Sources & Materials

During the design process I found a clip art butterfly to trace for my logo. This was found on ClipArtFox, a free clipart site; under their DMCA it says any material on the site may be used for personal/educational (non-commercial) use. This image was created by mrs marcia hunter.