Idea and Inspiration

For this project I decided to create a logo for an immigration law firm. When contemplating something related to undocumented students the first thing that came to mind were immigration lawyers. A firm for immigration lawyers was the perfect thing to create a logo for. However, I kept it a little more broad so that it could be multipurpose; this logo could also be used for a club of undocumented students or a social media page.

Design Process & Technical Detail

I gained most of my inspiration from the cougar logo we made for our tutorials. I really liked the dashed stroke we used for sun rays. The meaning I intended to broadcast was that immigration is beautiful and shouldn’t be regulated. I placed the monarch butterfly, a symbol for immigration, behind yet above the world and in front of the sun to suggest that just like the sun, immigration should be global; one should be a global citizen. I also placed the butterfly in front of the sun to suggest some beauty and a sense of holiness.

I began my logo by brainstorming and sketching what I thought I might want to do. Wanting my logo to deal with immigration I centered it all around a monarch butterfly and decided to make it a logo for an immigration law firm. When bringing my logo to life in Illustrator I found a clip art butterfly to trace, knowing this would be much easier than free-handing it, creating it in several layers to make it easier to edit later on. I finished by adding text, warping some of it to add variety. During the draft design process, however, I decided that I wanted the logo to be a bit more general. I hid the text and decided to go something that suggested migration as a global power, so I incorporated the sun and globe. I made the sun with the ellipse tool and a stroke similar to the cougar logo tutorial and did the same for the globe, using the pen tool for the land. I finished by expanding it and then making the artboard fit the logo. I didn’t face any challenges during the process; I am already a bit familiar with the software and wasn’t too ambitious with my design, knowing how to do everything I needed to do.

Sources and Materials

During the design process I found a clip art butterfly to trace for my logo. This was found on ClipArtFox, a free clipart site; under their DMCA it says any material on the site may be used for personal/educational (non-commercial) use. This image was created by mrs marcia hunter.