Design Process: Pre-Feedback

As stated in my draft post, I got my inspiration from real flyers from the Chic/Lat Center on the 4th floor of the CUB. They often have various professors and other faculty come in to give workshops for the students and I hope to give a talk there myself some day, hopefully to empower other undocumented students. I began my flyer by creating a custom background layer, 3464 x 2024 pixels, which was 200 pixels larger in both length and width than the background image I chose, a picture I took of the orchard I worked at in the summer. I then placed, and after deleting the background, resized the monarch butterfly (a common symbol for migration) and placed it near the sunrise. The colors were a bit too intense in the orchard image so I copied the layer then turned the top layer black and white. To accentuate the butterfly and the beauty behind migration I deleted a feathered circle from the top orchard layer to reveal the sunrise colors beneath in a limited amount. That’s when I decided on having the background ‘border’ the same color as part of the butterflies wing, so I sampled the color of a wing and used the paint bucket on the background layer. I then placed my portrait and flipped it horizontally since I wanted it on the bottom left but didn’t want to be facing the immediate edge of the flyer, giving my back to the rest of the flyer, and finished by giving it a subtle stroke. I then placed a quote I came up with for this piece at the top and ‘information’ for my talk on in the lower center of the image. There was a lot of chaos due to the orchard foliage that I felt distracted the viewer; I solved this by painting in (with the help of the marquee tool) the lower half in the color of some of the shadows so as to not create too sharp of a contrast. Finally I felt that there was too much negative space in the lower right of the flyer so I inserted a ‘stamped’ butterfly by selecting the black colors of the butterfly, painting it the same color as the background, selecting the inverse and deleting everything else.

Feedback Summary

Taylor in my group felt that I should change the font of my quote to make it more readable and to make the background of my portrait less vibrant, both of which I completely agreed with. Lauren had the same to say about my portrait background since the colors really clashed with the theme of the flyer. She also mentioned including the name of the person who said the quote. Later on my group member Quinn suggested making my name a bit larger, since the flyer is about me. My TA Kakali suggested adding the room number of the Chicano/Latino Center since some might not know the location.

Design Process: Post-Feedback

In the end I decided to follow all the feedback provided to me. I began by changing the font of the quote to make it more readable and adding my name a line below in a smaller font size. I then went about editing my portrait, deciding to desaturateĀ the background of it to match the orchard, making a more analogous palette. I then finished by editing the information on the flyer to make my name bigger and include the room number for the talk. I also noticed that on my desktop monitor (higher contrast) I had done a rather bad job of editing the orchard so I took the time to make it look better, using a different shadow sample for the color. Another extraneous decision I made was to move the butterfly a bit closer to the sunrise.

Sources and Materials

Monarch Butterfly by Peter Miller via Flickr

Monarch Butterfly

Portrait of Cesar Castaneda (me) by Salomon Martinez

Salomon is a personal friend and took this picture of me so I could use it as a head-shot for social media. He gave me permission to use it for these purposes as well.